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The announcement of the arrival at a Snapchat shows special effects Hollywood revival rumors about the development of glasses connected within the US start-up. According to Business Insider, Snapchat has indeed hired Dickreuter Raffael ( "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Iron Man") in order to develop this old project nearly two years.

Snapchat is very interested in all aspects of augmented reality. It is an open secret since the start-up acquired in 2014, the company Vergence Labs, specializing in the production of glasses connected to fifteen million. Also according to Business Insider, since Snapchat would work on a project in the tradition of Google Glass.

To recall, the principle of augmented reality is to superimpose virtual images to a real environment, through a screen, a headset or compatible glasses.
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In addition, some observers do not fail to comment on social networks pictures of Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, wearing what looks like a prototype glasses. Nevertheless, absolutely no information will transpire yet neither this nor hypothetical project on the role dedicated to Raffael Dickreuter.

His responsibilities are still unclear although it is a priori specifically responsible for anything that relates to augmented reality. It could also work very well for example on the 360-degree video, an area that already knows well and today perfectly exploited by companies like Facebook or Google (via YouTube).

We must therefore wait a little before to learn more about future "glasses" Snapchat.

If you are an avid user of Snapchat, you probably see Discover, the media section of the social network. For now, there is no French version of this device, for which the French media fight. With over 150 million daily active users on the platform, included in Discover is an ultimate goal for the media. This is why places are expensive and rare. To attract as many users, media such as Buzzfeed, Daily Mail or Mashable often offer shock headlines such as "10 things they think of your vagina," but also more serious securities to cover recent events tragic attacks in the United States.

This shock title technique has not yet appealed to everyone since Snapchat is now prosecuted for lack of modesty to youth. If the platform is attacked, it is mainly because it is marked as an application available to users 12 and older. This is not the first time a social network is attacked over its so-called offensive content, but it is this time of content created by the social network itself and not by a user. This concept clearly changes the situation, which led a mother to file a complaint against Snapchat.

The content in question? Disney images used for articles about "23 images that tell you if you have ever had sex with a penis" or "10 things he thinks when he can not give you an orgasm." Remarks that this mother did not wish to be left to the scope of his child 14 years. A spokesman Snapchat has since responded to the complaint and apologized for the editorial policy of Discover Media, which are completely independent of the social network itself. The question is whether Snapchat incorporate a type of control to not let very young users to inappropriate material.